Mixed-media installation for Transboundaries, QUT Art Museum Brisbane, April-June 2018

metaphoric metabolic life support systems

nature as life jacket

nature in need of a life jacket…

the carer in need of care…

amidst perils, 

what nourishes and sustains us, gives us buoyancy,

to continue the journey,

through the weavings and wanderings,

the wonderings and ponderings,

a tension between the will, the need, the urgency to settle

and the urgency, the need, the will to fly, to flee

cocoons, membranes, shells

of inner and outer landscapes

porous, peeling, shedding

…afloat and drifting…

…earthed and tethered...

bodies in motion

transactional beings,

mutually constituted across transient, slippery boundaries

open, exposed, stripped bare through the shifting sands of time

rising, sinking 

beneath the waves,

circling onwards through countless generations

stained, eroded

yet somewhere, twixt and tween,