In this piece, 66b/cell use black and white images and minimal sound. Test-patches is comprised of several short scenes or “patches” that are not linked by any particular narrative, but are instead developed around a theme or mood. High contrast black and white imagery is the binding aesthetic, highlighting the relationship between performers and visuals in an ever-shifting dynamic. The scenes are like patches in a patchwork quilt, yet where the separate modules and sequencing can be adapted and rearranged according to the conditions of the performance. Wearable motion sensors and camera-tracking devices are used to integrate body movement to the visual and sound network.


A work in progress from 2001-2003, test-patches toured to three European cities including the 2002 media arts festival Ars Electronica (Linz), Theater Rex, Belgrade (2002) and Tacheles Theatersaal, Berlin (2001). It was also presented at the Goethe Institut Tokyo (2003) and the Seoul International Dance Festival (2003).